Panel on Labour-Environmentalism

Are you interested in labour movements and environmentalism? One of our members is looking for paper submissions for a potential PSA Conference panel on the theme of labour-environmentalism. Further details on the proposed panel are below. If you are interested in submitting a paper for this panel, please contact Ewan Kerr at ewan.kerr [at] gcu [dot] ac [dot] uk.

“This proposed panel seeks contributions on the theme of labour-environmentalism. We are particularly interested in empirical and theoretical contributions which examine the trade union and wider labour movement’s engagement with environmental politics.   Other themes may include case studies of movement coalitions, green jobs and just transitions, and local/national/international trade union strategies to resolve potential conflicts between environmental, industrial and political objectives.  In reflecting upon these intersections between labour movement studies and environmental politics, this panel will assess the strengths, weaknesses and tensions of a working-class environmental agency from an explicitly political perspective.”

ECR Bursaries & Conference Submissions

Important announcements below!

ECR Bursaries

Following on from our announcement of our upcoming event on The Future We Want: Shaping Environmental Politics (see here for more details, and you can register for the event here), we are pleased to offer 3x £100 ECR bursaries to help early career researchers attend the event. Please get in touch with us at psa.environment [at] gmail [dot] com for further details if you are interested in applying for a bursary.

PSA Conference 2019 Paper & Panel Submissions

This is the last week for you to submit your paper & panel submissions for the PSA Annual Conference in Nottingham in April 2019! Submissions are due by Friday 5th October. We have received several questions about the process for submitting your proposals given that the PSA is switching to the new Ex Ordo system this year. Can you please send your paper and panel submissions directly to psa.environment [at] gmail [dot] com if you would like to be a part of a PSA Environment panel. We will then upload our panel submissions to Ex Ordo. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions about this process. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Future We Want: Shaping Environmental Politics

We are excited to announce our next PSA Environment event will take place on Friday 26th October in London! Co-hosted by the Green House Think Tank, we are hosting a networking event for policymakers, academics and environmental NGOs to discuss environmental policy-making in a shifting political landscape. The event will include:

  • A keynote speech from Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party
  • Roundtable discussions hosted by environmental think tanks Green House, the Foundation Democracy and Sustainable Development, and Policy Connect
  • An opportunity to network with participants during lunch
  • Training on how to make your work more impactful, facilitated by an associate of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement

To register your attendance, please access the Eventbrite link here. For any questions, please contact us at psa.environment [at] gmail [dot] com.

PtB workshop 2018 poster.PNG


Environmental Think Tank Wanted!

We are looking for an environmentally-focused think-tank to partner with us in hosting an ambitious and outward-facing workshop that brings academics into dialogue with policy-makers, political influencers, and NGOs to discuss the way in which environmental issues are framed and policies decided within the changing UK political landscape. The role of the think tank would be primarily to co-host the event, and help to encourage participation from a range of stakeholders with an environmental interest, broadly conceived. There will also be scope to help shape the scope of the programme and nature of the activities involved if interested, as well as promote your oragnisation’s purpose and activities to the workshop participants.

Further details about our plans for the workshop are available on request. If you are interested in hosting an event with us, please get in touch at psa.environment [at] gmail [dot] com!

Call for Papers: PSA Annual Conference 2019, Nottingham

We are excited to announce that details of the 2019 PSA Annual Conference have been released! The conference will be held at the Nottingham Conference Centre on 15-17 April 2019, with the conference theme (Un)Sustainable Politics in a Changing World. More information is available on the PSA’s website.

 The Call for Papers is now open! We strongly encourage all our members to submit panel and paper proposals for the conference. The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday 5th October. Our group will propose up to four panels for inclusion in the conference. Each year, our panels produce fascinating and lively debates, and we’re certain we’ll see the same again next year.

Please note, there are several key changes to the conference this year. Firstly, as part of the PSA’s commitment to diversity, all male panels will not be considered. Secondly, there is a new system for submissions and registration. This will no longer take place via the PSA website. Instead, you will need to register an account with Ex Ordo. There is guidance available on the PSA website on how to use Ex Ordo to submit your proposal.

Panel and Paper Submissions

We welcome your submissions for both panels and individual papers by 5pm on Monday 5th October 2018. You can email them to us at psa.environment [at] We will consider all panels that broadly link with the conference theme, whether through a comparative, policy, global, local, empirical or green theory lens.

If you are submitting a full panel proposal, it will need to include full details of the papers (titles, abstracts, etc) and the authors (names, email addresses, etc.). If you would like to propose a panel but are seeking additional papers to support it, just email us and we can advertise your panel on our group website, or tweet us at @psaenvironment and we’ll advertise your requests.

We also welcome submissions of joint panels with other specialist groups. There are over 50 PSA Specialist Groups, the full list of which is available here. If you have an idea for a joint panel, you can either put a proposal together yourself and submit a joint panel proposal to both groups, or approach us with your idea and we will be happy to liaise with the relevant group to solicit papers.

If you are submitting an individual paper, we can sort these papers into panels after you have submitted your paper.

The PSA is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all areas of its work. As such, all panels submitted to the annual international conference must endeavour to reflect the diversity of the profession and gender balance – we will be taking this into account when accepting proposals.

Best Paper Prize

We will be offering a prize of a book voucher for the best paper on a PSA Environment Panel at the conference. More details on this to be announced soon, so start getting those paper and panel ideas ready!

Postgrads and Undergrads

The Environmental Politics Group will be making a small number of travel bursaries available to its postgraduate members to help facilitate their participation in our panels.  To register your interest in applying please send an email to psa.environment [at]

AGM & Environment Politics Social

In addition to our panels, we will also be holding our AGM and our annual social event at the conference in Nottingham. Further details on these events will be released closer to the conference date.

If you have any questions about the conference, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to receiving your submissions!


PSA Annual Conference 2018, Cardiff

The PSA Annual International Conference is being held from 26th – 28th March in Cardiff. The theme of the conference is Politics of Our Times: Asking the Difficult Questions. We are hosting two panels at the conference this year, both of which engage with challenging debates and difficult questions regarding the future of environmental politics. The details of the panels are as follows:

Panel 1: Public & Political Responses to Environmentalism

Wednesday 28th March, 9:00 – 10:30

Room 1.28, Law & Politics Building

Panel Members:

  • Ms Anna Wienhues (University of Manchester) The Half-Earth Proposal: Necessary For Just Conservation?
  • Dr Paul Tobin (University of Manchester) Conceptualising the ‘policy dismantling’ of European environmental policy during economic crisis
  • Mr Mitya Pearson (King’s College London) The Challenges of the Green Party in Britain
  • Professor Rhys Andrews (Cardiff University) Factors influencing citizens’ co-production of environmental services: evidence from Wales.

Panel Chair: Dr. Shashi van de Graaff

This panel explores differences in public and political responses to environmentalism. Wienhues examines the Half-Earth proposal as a radical response to reducing the demands of humans on a finite planet. Alonso et al. draw upon a national survey of nearly 6000 Welsh citizens in order to examine whether socio-economic factors and attitudes are related to people’s pro-environmental behaviour. Burns et al. examine recent European environmental policy develop in order to provide a deep yet holistic understanding of the nature of policy change in this area since the start of the 2008 economic crisis. Finally, Pearson provides an assessment of the challenges that the British Green Party currently faces and assesses its strategic options going forward. Each of these papers offers a unique approach to analysing and understanding how different actors, such as the state, political parties, and individuals, are responding to environmental issues.

Panel 2: Environmentalism & Climate Change: Framing the debate

Wednesday 28th March, 11:00 – 12:30

Room B, City Hall

Panel Members:

  • Ms Joanna Wilson (University of Manchester) Lifting the veil on Gender in Global Climate Governance
  • Dr James Wong (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Framing Environmentalism: Government Campaigns and the Individualization of Environmental Movements
  • Dr Brenda McNally (Dublin City University) Climate Change and Political Engagement: problematising Irish press discourse on decarbonisation
  • Benjamin Abraham (Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford) Environmental worldviews and the transnationalisation of climate change governance

Panel Chair: Dr. Ashley Dodsworth

This panel explores different approaches to framing the climate change & environmentalism debate. Wilson aims to ‘lift the veil’ on gender and global climate governance, through tracing the material and discursive processes through which decisions relating to gender and climate change take place in highly symbolic, performative and gendered spaces. McNally presents a nuanced investigation of Irish press representations of the low carbon transition. Wong focuses on the relatively underdeveloped dimension of an environmental state, and explores the mechanisms under which the state shapes the nature and trajectory of environmental movements through defining the idea of environmentalism. Finally, Abraham explores how ideational factors, specifically causal beliefs, about climate change are shaping the emerging polycentric governance system. Each of these papers offers a unique perspective on environmental politics by highlighting the diversity of ways in which debates over environmental issues, such as climate change, can be conceptualised and interpreted.

Social Media (#PSA18)

In the leadup to the conference and throughout the event, we will be engaging with members via social media, using our twitter account (@psaenvironment) and the hashtag #PSA18. This is a quick & easy way to stay in touch with our conference news and events, and you can engage with the debates throughout the conference. So get typing!

Related Panels

In addition to our two PSA Environment sponsored panels, there are other panels taking place at the conference that engage with issues of environmental politics & policy that you can attend as well. These are listed below:

Economic, Migration and Environmental Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Germany in a European and Global Context

Monday 26th March, 16:15 – 17:45

Room K, City Hall

Panel Chair:

  • Dr Josefin Graef (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin)

Panel Members:

  • Professor Lothar Funk (Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences)
  • Dr Helen Williams (University of Nottingham)
  • Professor Rudi Wurzel (University of Hull)
  • Dr Arndt Leininger (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz)

This panel focuses on major political challenges and opportunities facing Germany in the areas of economic, migration and environmental policy. The papers critically assess and question some long-held attitudes towards these policies in a European and global context, offering new conceptual lenses and empirical findings. They focus not only on the German domestic level but also provide a critical assessment of core German economic, migration and environmental policy issues within a wider European context.

Framing the Future of Environmental Debates

Wednesday 28th March, 13:30 – 15:00

Room 1.28, Law & Politics Building

Panel Members:

  • Mr Zack Grant (University of Oxford)
  • Miss Heather Alberro (Nottingham Trent University )
  • Jared Finnegan (London School of Economics)
  • Mr Nick Kirsop-Taylor (University of Exeter)


Keep an eye out for more details to come on our website, twitter, and emailing list on our AGM & social event. We look forward to seeing you in Cardiff!

In Memory of Dr. Ros Hague

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Dr Ros Hague, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Nottingham Trent University, unexpectedly passed away this week. Dr Hague was an active member of the PSA Environment Group, having presented at the group’s panels at several PSA conferences. Dr Hague will be greatly missed by her students, friends, and colleagues at PSA.