Changes to the PSA Environment Co-Convenors

After three years of dedicated service, Dr. Paul Tobin is standing down as Co-Convenor of the PSA Environment specialist group. Paul had the following to say about his experience as a PSA Environment Co-Convenor:


Dr. Paul Tobin stands down after 3 years as PSA Environment Co-Convenor

 “It’s been a real privilege co-convening PSA Environment with Louise and Elizabeth. Two particular highlights were the joint event we ran with PSA French Politics on the Paris climate talks, and co-authoring our Teachers’ Topic Guide with Elizabeth. Elizabeth will be stepping down in August, and I would recommend to anyone considering standing to go for it! It’s been a great experience.”

Replacing Paul as the new Co-Convenor for PSA Environment is Shashi van de Graaff. Shashi is a PhD student from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

DSC_0334 - Copy

Shashi van de Graaff joins the PSA Environment team as Co-Convenor

Shashi recently submitted her PhD thesis for examination and now resides in the UK. Her PhD research investigates historical and contemporary developments in civil nuclear energy programmes, looking specifically at the disjuncture between the rhetoric and reality of the “nuclear renaissance” throughout Western Europe and North America. Shashi is particularly interested in the relationship between energy, the environment and climate change. Prior to her PhD, Shashi worked at the University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, working on research projects aiming to improve the social performance of the resources industry globally.

A new opportunity to join the PSA Environment team will become available in August, as Elizabeth Bomberg will be standing down. If you are interested in replacing Elizabeth as a PSA Environment Co-Convenor, please email Elizabeth directly (e.bomberg [at]