Call for Papers: Climate Policy

We invite submissions to a Special Issue entitled: Climate Policy in Fragmented Political Environments—Transformative Governance Interactions at Multiple Levels.

Climate policy is a problem of collective action par excellence. As such, questions abound over at which governance level it is best to take action for climate mitigation, and how climate change adaptation at the local level can be managed at different governance levels to avoid unintended spill-overs into other localities and/or policy sectors. Against this background, there is a parallel question, which concerns transitions and which reveals whether climate policy merely seeks to intervene in current economic and social systems or whether it seeks innovative approaches to transform the very basis of these systems. In this context, this Special Issue seeks empirical and theoretical papers on climate mitigation or adaptation policy that broadly addresses questions of transition stimulated or hampered by climate policy. Specifically, papers should address one or more of the following questions: 1) How do different governance levels impact upon the design and effectiveness of climate policy; 2) What constellations of policy actors occur at and across different policy levels and how do these constellations affect policy making and/or implementation; and 3) are some governance levels more suited to addressing specific aspects of climate policy including more transformative approaches, and if so, why/how? Papers can chose to predominantly focus on one governance level as the unit of analysis, but must consider this level in the context of interaction with activities at higher and/or lower governance levels.

Intially we invite the submission of 300 word abstarcts by 22 Febrary 2019. We will inform authors as to whether we would like them to submit articles to the Special Issue by 15 March. Full papers of around 8000 words will need to be submitted for review by 1 September 2019.

Abstracts should be sent to: d.j.russel [at] Exeter [dot] ac [dot] uk.  The deadline for final papers of around 8000 words is 1st September 2019. Full papers must be submitted via the Sustainability portal:

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Please be aware that if you wish to submit a paper the open access nature of the journal means that there is an article processes charge  of 1700 CHF (Swiss Francs).

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