PSA Annual Conference

The PSA Annual Conference is almost upon us. For those of you interested in environmental politics, make sure that the following events are in your diary:


Monday 30th March

9.30-11.00 Responses to climate change: mitigation, adaptation or stagnation?

Town Hall – Conference Room

Chair: Dr Paul Tobin (University of York)

Panel Members:

Dr Paul Hampton (Fire Brigades Union) ‘Trade unions and climate politics: prisoners of neoliberalism or swords of climate justice?’

Professor Graham Smith (University of Westminster) ‘Democracy and the long term: (not) dealing with climate change’

Professor Rüdiger Wurzel (University of Hull)/Professor Andrew Jonas (University of Hull)/Professor Winfried Osthorst (Hochschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences)/Dr Pauline Deutz (University of Hull)/Jeremy Moulton (University of Hull) ‘The Ecological Modernisation of Structurally Disadvantaged European Maritime Port Cities’

Dr Hayley Stevenson (University of Sheffield) ‘Democracy and the long term: (not) dealing with climate change’


11.30-1pm: Climate change, City Hall Upper Circle West

Chair: Ms Alix Dietzel (University of Sheffield Politics Department)

Panel Members:

Mr Scott Hamilton (London School of Economics) ‘Climate as a Technology of the State: A Genealogy of Climate Change’

Dr Travis Coan (University of Exeter)/Constantine Boussalils (Trinity College Dublin) ‘Text-Mining Russian Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change, 1980-2014’

Ms Fay Farstad (University of York) ‘What explains variation in party stances on the environment? A quantitative approach using Comparative Manifesto Project-data’


2pm ‘Deliberative World’ lecture

Dr Hayley Stevenson (University of Sheffield) and Professor John Dryzek (Canberra University)


4.00-5.30 The Challenge Of Sustainability: Linking Politics, Education and Learning

City Hall – Upper Circle East

Chair: Dr Hugh Atkinson (London South Bank University)

Panel Members:

Professor Rosalind Wade (London South Bank University) ‘Politics and sustainability: Democracy and the limits of policy action’

Dr Hugh Atkinson (London South Bank University) ‘Planetary challenges – the agenda laid bare’

Mr Stuart Wilks-Heeg (University of Liverpool) ‘Politics and sustainability: Democracy and the limits of policy action’


Tuesday 31st March


9.00-10.30 Think globally, act locally: Environmental politics at the local level

Town Hall – Conference Room

Chair: Dr Paul Tobin (University of York)

Panel Discussant: Professor John Dryzek (University of Canberra)

Panel Members:

Professor Andrew Thompson (University of Edinburgh)/Dr Oliver Escobar (University of Edinburgh)/Dr Jen Roberts (University of Strathclyde)/Dr Stephen Elstub (University of the West of Scotland)/Dr Niccole Pamphilis (University of Glasgow) ‘Why do people change their minds? Evidence from 3 citizens’ juries deliberating on-shore wind farms in Scotland’

Mr Max Lempriere (University of Birmingham) ‘The Ecological Modernization of Construction in the UK: An Institutionalisation of Ecological Concern?’

Mr Luke Craven/Professor David Schlosberg (University of Sydney) ‘Grassroots innovations as a cry for justice? Insights from a study of community food and energy movements’

Mr Rick Harmes (University of Exeter) ‘Community Energy in Question: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’

Dr David Toke (University of Aberdeen) ‘Community Renewables in the UK – A clash of cultures?’


12.30-1.30 Environmental Politics SG Meeting

City Hall – Vincent Harris Room


3.30-5.00 Environmental Politics: Theory and Practice

City Hall – Vincent Harris Room

Chair: Dr Louise Maythorne (Bath Spa University)

Panel Members:

Dr Thomas O’Brien (Centre for International Security and Resilience, Cranfield University) ‘Tree-Maiming to Crop Destruction: Considering a Re-Emerging Repertoire’

Professor Paul Cairney (University of Stirling) ‘Hydraulic fracturing policy in the UK: coalition, cooperation and opposition in the face of uncertainty’

Dr Charlotte Burns/Dr Paul Tobin (University of York) ‘It’s not easy being green in an austere environment: measuring the impact of the global economic crisis upon environmental policy’

Dr Ashley Dodsworth (University of Leicester) ‘Thomas Spence and Localised Environmentalism’


3.30-5.00 Improving Public Engagement with Politics – Sponsored by the Crick Centre

City Hall – John Barbirolli Room

Ms Alix Dietzel (University of Sheffield), Dr Diana Maynard (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield) ‘Climate Change: A Chance for Political Re-Engagement? ‘

Ms Gemma Bird (University of Sheffield) ‘Engaging With Artists: The Arts as a Valuable Tool to Inspire Political Engagement’

Ms Lucy J Parry (University of Sheffield) ‘Deliberative Democracy and Public Engagement: Towards a deliberative understanding of politics?’


Wednesday 1st April


3.30-5.00 Energy Politics
Town Hall – Ante Room
Chair: Dr Thomas O’Brien (Cranfield University)

Shashi van de Graaff (University of Queensland) ‘The Global Nuclear Renaissance: Has the rhetoric become a reality?’
Hye-lim Yoo (Seoul National University) ‘“Real” development with domestic revenue circulation by state led downstream cultivation: A comparative analysis on heavy-chemical industry policies of Korea and Mozambique’


Todd Croad (University of Otago) ‘New Zealand’s Energy Strategies and Policy Resilience’


Renata Ribeiro (IESP-UERJ) ‘Between participation and privatization: The role of agribusiness in Brazilian foreign policy for biofuels’